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For Razer Basilisk Ultimate
For Razer Basilisk Ultimate
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For Razer Basilisk Ultimate
For Razer Basilisk Ultimate
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For Razer Basilisk Ultimate

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Super fast - super smooth mouse skate made with aluminosilicate glass gives you a big advantage of micro aiming and tracking

Super durable - super strong tempered glass will not wear fast like conventional PTFE feet, you can almost use it permanently.

Round edge - flawlessly polished super smooth round edge will provide you smoothest glide ever.

E-Sports Grade - Boomglide is perfect for pro eSports grade accuracy

Do not recommend use with glass mouse pads.

• The glass feet are consumable parts just like other PTFE feet.
• The glass feet can wear over time and they can break or crack
    if you drop or hit with a sharp object.
• The glass feet won't break naturally or break during normal usage.


DO NOT USE THE MOUSE if your glass feet are broken
or have a crack.
If you break the glass feet:
1. Stop use the mouse immediately.
2. Clean your surface immediately using wet tissue.
3. Vacuum the surface Thoroughly.
Use caution when dealing with glass sharps.
Avoid direct hand contact with glass.
Use tools such as broom, dust pan, shovel to pick up debris.

Removing the Boomglide :

• Do not use your finger or nail to remove the Boomglide.
• Please use a thin plastic prying tool to remove the Boomglide.
• If you use adhesive remover or cleaner, it will permanently damage the adhesives on the Boomglide.
• Use a prying tool to gently and slowly lift the Boomglide from the edge.

Thanks for choosing Boomglide.
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if you need any help with your products,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
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